Top Web Development Future Trends to for Look in 2022

It’s no surprise that the web development industry is expanding. According to recent data, the demand for online services will increase by 2022. So, developers are willing to learn new technologies in order to stay relevant in this market. And these days, they are facing several choices including current trends in web development. 

The number of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, etc., which can help them in their work is limitless. So, to save your time and energy, we’ve collected some predictions for top trends in web development starting in 2022.

Top Web Development Trends to Expect in 2022

Based on the forecasts, here are some of the trends that will influence web development in 2022. First, there will not be a significant difference between visual browsing and a virtual reality environment. Why? Because virtual and augmented reality are closer to becoming everyday options. To make this happen, companies should work with augmented reality as much as possible. 

So, companies should watch the current trends in web development and get ready for what is to come next in the progression of consumers’ demands. To dig a little deeper, we have selected the top seven top trends in web development.

Top 7 Web Development Trends

Over the past year, there has been an increase in demand for virtual reality products and services. Prices are gradually decreasing, making VR headsets more accessible to customers all over the world. Because of this, web development has made huge strides over the years. 

Progressive Web App Development

Over the next few years, this technology will become an essential part of web development. It is designed for a better user experience while accessing online content on mobile devices. The main advantage lies in that it can work offline and fast loading time without an internet connection. 

Furthermore, progressive web app development has the potential to improve web development. This is because it can be cached quickly by search engines. So, website indexing is much more accessible for Google and other popular browsers like Safari, Opera, or a UC browser. (PWA does not support Microsoft Edge yet.)

Voice Recognition Technology

How will people’s web browsing experiences improve in 2022? Voice Recognition Technology is one of the most popular web development technologies. It is used to better understand what customers want to do when using search engines, talking with chatbots, or asking questions via email. 

By creating personalised listening experiences, developers can take advantage of the current trends in web development for voice technology. Such technologies can be found on many websites nowadays — from Facebook to chatbots on e-commerce platforms.

AI-Powered Chatbots

As AI technology improves, more and more companies will use it to improve their businesses. Chatbots are becoming extremely popular among users. In fact, they can now provide help with simple tasks such as purchasing or selling goods/services. Furthermore, they do not require special skills from the customer. But how this technology improves over time will depend on developers’ progress.

Single-Page Websites

In the last few years, developers have created single-page websites that contain a lot of information in a compact layout. Why? Current trends in web development indicate that multi-page websites will die out because they do not load quickly enough. Since most users expect quick results from Internet research, this is already becoming a problem.

That’s why you should keep in mind that search engines prefer dynamically generated web pages over static ones. In turn, the quality of content on your website should be excellent.

Website Security

With the increase in cyber-attacks, web security concerns are becoming more critical than ever. Hackers can easily get access to unprotected websites, so HTTPS protocol will become a necessary tool to put on all websites soon. To protect users’ information, website developers should create secure password systems.

Cloud Computing

Today, more and more companies use single-page websites because of the flexibility of cloud computing. With this technology, you can easily maintain websites and quickly access content from any device. (This also includes mobile phones). Plus, it doesn’t slow down the website’s speed or loading times.


Current trends in web development show that new technologies are improving almost every day at a fast pace. Right now, there are new tools available for web admins and customers that allow them to adjust their strategies. In turn, they can continue to build a better web experience overall.


When it comes to web development technologies in 2022, we expect to see even more technological innovations. Cloud computing will simply be another item on the ever-growing list of top trends in web development.

Dark-Themed UI

Computer users expect to see dark-themed user interfaces more often than before – with the spread of OLED screens. This trend is only going to continue in the future. Most companies prefer using dark themes because they consume less battery power and can be easier on the eyes as well.

Security is becoming a massive concern for web admins as well as customers. Secure information such as credit card numbers or passwords should not be easily accessible by hackers. This is why we believe that the HTTPS protocol will become increasingly popular among website owners in 2022 and beyond.

Chatbots and Voice Search

For many web admins, the biggest challenge is maintaining a fast and secure website that looks attractive. To overcome this challenge, they can use AI-based voice search functionalities to help users find what they are looking for. Natural speech patterns are much easier to understand than traditional text-based queries. 

Moreover, chatbots deliver information about a company’s products/services directly into customers’ hands. This means they don’t need to waste too much time browsing through the website.

Which Framework is Best for Chatbots and Voice Search?

Facebook is the best option for creating chatbots. It’s straightforward to use and many different businesses already use it with success. On the other hand, Amazon Alexa is great for voice search functionalities. But keep in mind that this service does not directly integrate with websites. 

New Tools in 2021 in JS Frameworks

In 2021, we expect to see new tools made for JavaScript frameworks and more innovation in this area. Developers will have a lot of new options available, so they will be able to select the best option for their workflow. React.js development will become very popular among web admins because it can be easily integrated into any company’s website.

Mobile-first Development

People expect new web applications to load quickly on their smartphones. For developers, there is no reason to use ‘heavy’ website plugins such as Java or .NET. These can slow down the user’s experience and affect your SEO rankings. It’s also critical to improve a user’s security by using HTTPS protocol and SSL certificates instead of HTTP. HTTP is still considered to be unsecured.

Serverless Architecture and API-first Development

Among the long list of current trends in web development, serverless architecture is becoming more popular. This is because developers are looking to see how it can improve their current workflow. Website development like this makes it possible to improve the overall user experience. How? Because cloud services are easier to use than traditional servers.

API-first development allows companies to work on the same web application at the same time without any problems. This allows for faster results which means improved productivity and happier customers.


In conclusion, we expect to see a lot of new top trends in web development, so companies should prepare themselves for what 2022 has in store, which are:

  • Web development trends will emerge in artificial intelligence and user interfaces, making them more customer-centric than before.

  • Chatbots will come in handy when it comes to JS framework development. This is aside from them being useful as a tool to interact with several customers on a platform.

  • Mobile development will be a big thing in eCommerce because most clients are always on the go.

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