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At Eric Child Custody Law, we understand that your children’s best interests are the highest priority. Each child custody attorney Aliso Viejo on our team offers aggressive representation in the pursuit of your goals for a positive outcome with the least impact of the negativities on your children. 

Custody arrangements can vary greatly depending on the relationship of the parent with the child. The unique position of each family determines the outcome of an agreement. The judge will either award sole or joint custody on this basis. 

What Custody Orders can be Given by Courts?

Once all factors are considered, the family court judge must make an award. Potential forms of custody may include:

●    Shared Physical Custody

Children will split their time between the homes of their parents. 


●    Sole Physical Custody

Where one parent has the sole custody of the child. 

●    Shared Legal Custody

Both parents undertake the responsibility to make important decisions for their children. 

●    Sole Legal Custody

Only one can make important decisions regarding the child’s welfare and future. 

These were the many types of custody that a court in California could award. 

Mr. Eric M Nakasu is a top-rated child custody attorney in Aliso Viejo who wants to guide you through child custody cases in California. We have considerable experience and will put our decades-long expertise to work for you. Call (714) 916-9800 today. 


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