Things on Which Your Marketing Team Must Concentrate More

Without a doubt, digital marketing is one of the most rapidly evolving professions today.

Your marketing team must concentrate on the issues that will have the biggest impact on your company this year, whether that means keeping up with social media trends, Google algorithm changes, or simply understanding what an NFT is.

This involves developing and repurposing content, optimizing your website’s performance, maintaining your customer and following community, and more. Let’s get started.

1. Expanding your content creation

You may put a lot of time and effort into your blog, which is fine. Blogging is an excellent way to demonstrate thought leadership, provide product updates, develop brand awareness, and rank well in search engines. However, now is the moment to begin incorporating audio and video into your written material.

According to recent polls, people increasingly favour video over all other forms of content. Podcasting has also grown in popularity, particularly among brands. In fact, nearly half of podcast listeners indicated podcast commercials influenced their purchasing decisions when it came to advertising platforms.

It’s time to provide your audience with material that they not only want but also consume on a regular basis from other companies and authors. Provide your readers with your voice, give them information that can help them in their day-to-day occupations or enterprises, and make your material worth returning to for more. Audio and video allow you to showcase your brand in entirely new ways.

2. Managing and constructing your community

Community management is the process of establishing and maintaining relationships with your customers and subscribers in order to develop a similar community that provides support, advice, a sense of belonging, and other benefits. Community management is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses as work grows more distant and employee interactions take place more online.

Creating a venue for people to communicate with your brand could take place in a LinkedIn or Facebook group, a Slack community, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, or anywhere else your audience wants to interact with each other and your brand.

3. Improving the Performance of Your Website

B2B organizations can no longer ignore the importance of SEO, conversion optimization, and keeping your website in top form. After all, your website is frequently the first impression a potential buyer has of your company.

If your website copy is stale and dull, if it takes too long to load, if it doesn’t even appear on Google all of this and more can be enough to cause someone to leave and go elsewhere for their solution. So, apply this checklist to optimize your website’s performance:

Visuals should be optimized:

Large photos are a formula for slow web pages. Make sure your images load quickly, and that lazy loading is enabled.

Include additional videos:

Including them in your blogs and landing sites as needed. Adding videos is an excellent strategy to increase your brand’s visibility in Google video results. It’s also a good method to keep visitors on your site longer and educate those who may not want to scroll all the way down.

4. Actually paying attention to your customers

As marketers, we cannot always assume that we know what is best for our customers and what is most important to them. So, here are a few strategies for truly listening to your consumers and acting on their recommendations.

Listening in on consumer calls. With so many call recording solutions on the market, marketers must listen to customer phone calls. Hearing your consumers’ voices for the first time can:

  • Find any gaps in your sales process
  • Find out what your customers really want
  • Find unusual applications for your product
  • Make suggestions for your product roadmap
  • Influence landing page copywriting



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