AI technology is an imperative step toward corporate growth in the e-commerce industry.  Yes. Thanks to AI technology. It produces wonders that are beyond the capacity of human measurement.  AI apps are becoming more and more common in a variety of industries, with the goal of completing tasks that are occasionally challenging for human workers.  We want to provide you with a quick overview of a few effective instances and applications of AI in eCommerce today.  AI Applications for Online Shopping  Artificial intelligence has great advantages for retail and e-commerce.  You may learn in-depth information about how AI is applied in eCommerce in this presentation.  Check out the applications of AI in e-commerce!  ● AI Develops Customer-Centered Search  It is among the best eCommerce AI use cases.  Enterprises will be able to track client search habits and improve their experiences thanks to AI, video, and image recognition technologies.  On the other side, clients may now search for content by submitting photographs thanks to ML- and AI-powered software.  Applications using artificial intelligence will automatically evaluate the photographs, classify features, and provide users with precise answers. ‘ ● Re-engage prospective clients Conversica claims that due to poor maintenance and follow-ups, about 33% of leads […] read more