The best gaming laptop under $1000 The best gaming laptop under $1000 is a personal decision.One of the most excellent decisions you’ll make when looking for a gaming laptop under $1000 is what kind. For some, it’s all about getting the most bang for their buck and not spending more than they need. In contrast, others prefer access to new hardware as soon as possible without having to worry over price tags or other limitations set in place by manufacturers who want discouraging sales due mainly to lackluster performance rates on these cheaper models (no pun intended). Five best gaming laptops under 1000 dollars: 1 The Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming laptop: This laptop is the most expensive of all five laptops here, but for a good reason. It has an NVIDIA GTX 960M, which can run games like GTA 5 and Battlefield 4 on medium settings with fine FPS (Frames Per Second). What’s more, this laptop can be easily upgraded as it comes with two empty RAM slots, a 2.5-inch slot for a SATA hard drive, and a PCI-E x16 slot for graphics cards. The battery life of this laptop is also good as it lasts 5 hours on […] read more