Bed bug exterminators Flat, oval insects that are the masters of hiding in your household furniture and feed on human blood are also known as bed bugs. Once they get in your house, getting rid of them is nearly impossible. Even the name is enough for some people to get the itch. Even though they are not pathogenic, they can be extremely annoying and disturbing to live with. This is because they can still cause skin rash and itchiness. In addition, you can catch allergies and itch from them, which makes it certainly important to get rid of them.   Six signs that your home might have bed bugs 1. You have red itchy spots over your face or body. Most often, the first sign you can notice is the sudden appearance of a rash or itchy red spots on your face or any of your body parts. The bed bug bites are typically red and small, which may or may not be itchy. They are not reactive for everyone, as it depends on the individual’s skin type. Generally, most people do not even recognize the red spots as bed bug bites. Instead, they assume it is acne or sunburn. This […] read more