Robotic Hair Transplant. How effective is that?


Robotic Hair Transplant is the hope of Hair Transplant for tomorrow. Everyone is looking at this technology, eyeing it, and hoping if becomes a reality soon. A lot of research is being done in this area and a lot of robotic elements have been institutionalized within the Hair Transplant industry. There are robotic instruments that can do the extraction of hair follicles in Follicular Unit Extraction to Transplantation within this technique.

The element of hope is good for Robotic Transplant, but it shouldn’t be solely relied on. Hair Transplant is very effective with traditional FUE. The success rate is above 95% even after 2 years post-Transplant

With a little Robotic Instruments, the success ratio has been increased to over 97%. But the inclusion of these instruments also raise the cost per graft and the instruments are rather costly. This leads to the overall increase of the cost of Transplant.

So, what does the scope for robotic Hair Transplant surgery looks like?
A. It looks feasible. There are 100% chances of it being a reality and coming soon into markets.

B. But there is also the question of cost. The cost will be initially high and only after the instruments are mass-produced will it taper down, for everyone.

C. The technology will be available, but the necessary skill that the robots needs to learn, that will take time. The necessary adjustments during procedure that a doctor does, is a completely different thing.

D. The doctor has to cater to individual demands, whereas with robots it has a calculable dimension and fixity to work in.

Thus, even though the technology might come soon, the results of our contemporary Hair Transplant with Best instruments will lead the best results. Robotic surgery has still years to go, and even if it becomes perfected, it still won’t be able to provide you the best results as a Hair Free Hair Grow doctor will.

So, trust more on Human hands and Humane Results. For best Fue hair transplantation treatment choose us we are available in Pune, surat, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Mumbai , Bhopal, Hyderabad & Gurugram



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