non-viral drug delivery system market Professional Survey Report by 2035

The growing demand for novel drugs that can acts as potential treatments for previously untreatable intracellular targets has resulted in an adjacent and urgent need for efficient delivery systems that facilitate intracellular transport of therapeutics across the cytosol

Roots Analysis has announced the addition of “Non-Viral Drug Delivery Systems Market: Focus on Intracellular Technologies and Biologics (2nd Edition), 2022-2035” report to its list of offerings.

The report features an extensive study of the current market landscape, offering an informed opinion on the likely evolution of the market for non-viral drug delivery systems over the next decade. The report features an in-depth analysis, highlighting the capabilities of various stakeholders engaged in this domain. Amongst other elements, the report includes:

§  An executive summary of the key insights captured during our research

§  A brief introduction to important concepts related to non-viral drug delivery systems, featuring information on need for target delivery, advanced approaches for delivery of drug payload and different type of delivery systems

§  A detailed overview of the current market landscape of players engaged in the development of non-viral drug delivery systems, along with information on their year of establishment, company size and location of headquarters, type of company, geographical coverage, therapeutic portfolio, type of biologic delivered, type of molecule delivered, type of technology and type of linkage

§  An insightful analysis based on the contemporary market trends in the non-viral drug delivery systems domain, along with information on type of technology, company size and type of molecule delivered, location of headquarters and company size and location of headquarters

§  An insightful competitiveness analysis of players involved in the development on non-viral drug delivery systems in the healthcare domain

§  Elaborate profiles of various prominent players that are currently engaged in the non-viral drug delivery domain

§  A detailed analysis of the partnerships inked between various stakeholders, during the period 2015-2022

§  An insightful analysis describing three crucial business decision making frameworks in the non-viral drug delivery domain namely Kalbach Innovation Model, competitive assessment framework and BCG matrix

§  The report contains an exhaustive list of technologies for Intracellular Drug Delivery

§  A detailed market forecast analysis, highlighting the likely growth of the non-viral drug delivery systems market, for the period 2023-2035

§  Type of Molecule

§  Small Molecule

§  Biologic


§  Type of Biologic

§  Antibodies

§  DNA

§  RNA

§  Proteins / Peptides


§  Type of Technologies

§  Cell Penetrating Peptides

§  Extracellular Vesicles

§  Oligonucleotides

§  Nanoparticles

§  Polymers


§  Target Therapeutic Area

§  Infectious Diseases

§  Oncological Disorders

§  Genetic Disorders

§  Neurological Disorders

§  Hepatic Disorders

§  Cardiovascular Disorders

§  Other Disorders


§  Type Of Payment Model

§  Upfront Payments

§  Milestone Payments


§  Key Geographical Regions 

§  North America

§  Europe

§  Asia

§  Latin America

§  Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

§  Rest of the world 


Key companies covered in the report

§  Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

§  AstraZeneca

§  Biond Biologics

§  Code Biotherapeutics

§  Eli Lilly

§  Merck

§  Novartis

§  Roche


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