forklift rental

A&G Equipment Pte Ltd (A&G) is established in 2009 and have grown over the years leasing industrial machinery; comprising mainly Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP), forklift and other industrial machinery.

A&G is a solutions provider for customer across various industries and our core business, focuses on machinery rental and trading. We also provide maintenance and repair services for various machinery for our customer.

The company acknowledges that a total substitute of man labour will be impossible. Hence, A&G aims to supply equipment to supplement the labour intensive market to increase customer’s productivity and reducing man hours.

We are constantly equipping and updating with new products to cater for the constant changing industries in order to keep abreast with the local and international market.

A&G Equipment Pte Ltd specialises in heavy ground support machinery, providing reliable professional rental services. Headed by a young and dynamic management, A&G Equipment Pte Ltd aims to provide reliable and quality rental of machinery and equipment with a view towards excellent service.

We offer both short-term and long-term rental services. Through constant upgrading of our workforce and machinery, we strive to attain a reputable and prominent market position.

forklift rental


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