Everything You Should Know about Physiotherapy

After undergoing the prescribed medical treatment for any grievous injury or a prolonged illness, the next crucial stage is the recovery process. This is where Physiotherapy takes over and speeds up the recovery of the patient. According to eminent physicians working with Astra Hospital, Bangalore, Physiotherapy plays a big role in helping the patient in coming back to peak fitness and resume his routine activities. Your doctor who supervised this program is called a Physiotherapist.

Understanding Physiotherapy

Experienced Physiotherapists in Bangalore associated with Astra Hospital define Physiotherapy as a discipline of healthcare that focuses on the recovery and rehabilitation of a patient who has suffered from a serious injury or prolonged illness. In addition to the required treatment, Physiotherapists also counsel patients and advise them to maintain their health and prevent future injuries or illnesses.

Physiotherapy treatment in Bangalore is classified into different categories and is suggested by doctors based on the specific requirement of the patient.

Types of Physiotherapy

According to Doctors in Astra Hospital, there are different types of physiotherapy treatments that can be prescribed. They include

  • Manual Therapy – This therapy involves manual manipulation and mobilization process of joints and soft tissues.
  • Exercise Therapy – In this therapy, specific exercises like stretching, physical fitness and aerobics can be prescribed to help in muscle building.
  • Posture improvement – This therapy is suggested to improve body positioning through sitting and standing correctly.
  • Electrotherapy – Physiotherapists suggest this method to reduce pain through electrical muscle stimulation

Benefits of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Specialists operating at Astra Hospital rated as Bangalore’s best hospital indicate that Physiotherapy comes with a lot of advantages towards improving your physical well-being. They include:

  • Enhanced mobility
  • Reduced pain
  • Improved posture
  • Manages recoveries from grievous injuries
  • Improves balance and stability

Physiotherapy is an extremely safe and painless procedure. Though temporary discomforts may be caused, they are managed safely. You would love to get back to your routines as quickly as possible, won’t you? At Astra Hospital, we will guide you to the safest and fastest way to recover in a quick time. Connect with us to connect back with the world quickly


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