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Fabricate Metaverse Universes | Applications and Sites | Computer generated Reality | Games | man-made intelligence | AR | Crypto | 3D Models | XR Advancement | BROOKLYN, NEW YORK 11231.

Assemble Computer generated Reality | XR Improvement

Assemble Computer generated Reality | XR Improvement

Brooklyn | Bologna

We cultivate expanded insight. From live 360 streams all around the planet, to volumetric film trailers, interminable virtual retail outlets, to say the very least.

If you can dream it, we can create it.

What Our personality is

Nova Media is a little gathering of trained professionals, skilled workers and specialists building PC created reality universes to spread culture, considerations and likely results. We encourage substance with a ultimate objective to democratize experiences all around the planet.


Nova XR emerged out of the sacrosanct conviction that development broadens the cerebrum. From the desire to be affluent in experience. From the need to have a spot with neighborhood. From the presumption that the world justifies sharing.


Mission statement: We produce VR to chip away at natural induction to people, stories and culture.

Progressing Manifestations

Game New development, Film Creation, Metaverse Brick and mortar stores, Live VR Events/streams, PC Practical Universes, 50+ models/month.

Progressing Exercises


We produce VR. We model, encourage applications and brood gatherings. We give meeting, creation and improvement organizations. About Virtual Creation

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We help out universities and graduate students to research, learn and participate in the field of Human-PC Relations. The inspiration driving examination is for a fundamental appreciation of virtual approach to acting and the effect of striking media. This assessment is to cultivate game plans for various organizations and start Neighborhood and Neighborhood Watch.


Look into Expanded Reproduction

What is Increased Reality?

Increased reality (VR) suggests a PC made entertainment of a three-layered conditions. You can speak with these virtual in a clearly physical (or “veritable”) way by using gadgets and stuff, such controllers, gloves, a defensive cap, or even a vest bound with sensors. VR licenses you to research imagened universes, or certifiable spots, conveying a sensation of “presence.” where as your psyche is tricked into feeling like it typifies the virtual region. All through the past 70 years we’ve investigated the T

All Type Administrations:-

Augmented Reality New York City

Custom VR models

Building augmented reality

Fabricate metaverse universes

Make a metaverse world

Fabricate vr application

custom Metaverse

make Metaverse


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