Connected Workforces: The Future of Mining Maintenance

Have you ever considered how much faster and easier maintenance and inspections could be if you could take an easy-to-use app into the field rather than a stack of paper, that you will have to enter manually into the computer later anyway? 

The OnPlan Work Instruction App was created to relieve this frustration. See the four key benefits explained below: 

Easily deploy work to your team 

The OnPlan Work Instruction App, paired with your organisation’s preferred mobile device (iOs, Android, or Windows) connects your maintenance team seamlessly. 

Having one interface connecting your engineers and technical writings with the inspectors and technicians in the field optimises productivity, communication, accountability and oversight. 

 This level of connectivity provides your team instant access to live job information, including up-to-date work instructions, required tools and equipment, safety alerts and more. 

Protect your workers by identifying critical hazards and controls 

The OnPlan Work Instruction App integrates hazard and control alerts right into the job step. This gives your team the information they need to perform the job safely right in the app. 

Within the App, the user will receive clear notifications for information, hazards, warnings and other customizable alerts. 

This feature was designed to adhere to the highest safety and compliance standard. 

Monitor work in real-time 

The desktop dashboard, connected with the mobile work instruction app provides field supervisors oversight to see how their teams are doing against their assigned work based on time and step progress, the impact if delays, early completions and any hazards, warnings or other notifications. 

Technicians can also alert the supervisor if they run into any problems or are falling behind schedule. 

Quickly build or import maintenance documents with OnPlan Builder 

Without content, your workforce mobility app is just an empty shell. The OnPlan Work Instruction App makes sure you can get up and running quickly with OnPlan Builder. 

OnPlan Builder lets you easily build or import maintenance documents for use with the App. Content can be simple checklists or complex maintenance instructions with sophisticated data collection tables, interactive 3D models, videos, rich text, and images. 

Get in contact with OnPlan today to organize a demonstration.


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