Breast Reconstruction Surgery – Significance and Management

Oncologists in Bangalore define Breast Reconstruction as a Surgery to recreate the breasts that have lost shape during surgical management of breast cancer. This surgery can happen immediately or after a certain period. The decision however will be taken by your treating breast reconstruction specialist.

Types of Breast Reconstruction Techniques

According to highly experienced breast reconstruction surgeons in Bangalore working with Blue Bliss Hospital, breast reconstruction can be done in different ways.

Some are done using the Flap Reconstruction method where tissue is taken from your body to reconstruct the breast. This process is also called as Autologous Tissue-based reconstruction technique.

The second method is called the Implant Reconstruction Method where surgeons use saline or silicone implants to reconstruct the breasts.

Versatile Oncosurgeons in Bangalore indicate that sometimes a combination of both these methods can also be used.

Preparing for Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Blue Bliss Hospital is well-known as the best hospital for breast cancer treatment in Bangalore, not only for its clinical expertise but also for its compassionate approach towards patients.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery Specialists in Bangalore indicate that this surgery is done after the Mastectomy Surgery (Surgery to treat Breast Cancer) Before the surgery, your surgeon in association with an anesthesiologist will study your treatment history including the after-effects if any, post Mastectomy. He will then give you a complete rundown of the procedure you will undergo, possible risks and rehabilitation procedures.  You can also discuss available options with your surgeon.

A physical exam will be conducted and all your vital parameters will be checked to certify that you are fit for the surgery. You will then be advised on the period of your stay at the hospital.

Purpose of Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Vastly efficient oncologists associated with Blue Bliss Hospital rated as the best hospital in Bangalore opine that this surgery comes with a host of advantages that include.

·       Improved Self-confidence

·       Comfortable wearing the clothes you like

·       A more healthy-looking breast

·       Move around with more confidence in society

·       Improved self-esteem

The Results of Breast Reconstruction Surgery depend more on the surgical skillsets and expertise of your oncology surgeon. It can be more positive and favourable under the watchful eyes of an experienced medical team. For the best and most professional approach to Breast Reconstruction in Bangalore, please schedule an appointment with Blue Bliss Hospital, the renowned Multispeciality Hospital in Bangalore.


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