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Ghanaian Best Politics 2024– John Dramani Mahama, National Democratic Congress (NDC) presidential candidate best opportunity for Ghana 2024,


MY VISION – Best political party in Ghana

The world is changing and very fast. Ghana cannot continue to stay the same.

Ghana Needs Change! We Need Change! You Need Change!

I can tell you that the entire Ghanaian society is yearning for a Change for the Better, with the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

What we need right is a better #GlobalGhana, better #DigitalGhana, better #YoungGhana and a better #Ghana4Women.

As I have always done and in furtherance to my people-centred style of governance, I pledge that:

I will always hear your voice, and will always be your voice!

I will lead the change you yearn for!

I will deliver the needed change we are all waiting for!

I will restore Hope. I will fight with teeth and claws to make sure our lives get better.



Best Opportunity for Ghana 2024 – Calls for Free & Fair Elections in Ghana- John Mahama thanks NDC executives across the country, announces T&T package for delegates,

Former President John Dramani Mahama is in the Western North Region on the 10th leg of his 16-region tour to campaign ahead of the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) May 13 presidential primaries.

Considered the clear front runner to lead the NDC in the upcoming 2024 general elections, Mr. Mahama is visiting all 275 constituencies to engage branch and constituency executives.

He has so far visited 179 constituencies in ten regions, meeting over 251,000 delegates on his rounds. Ghanaian Best Politics 2024

Mr. Mahama will tour nine constituencies during his two-day tour of Western North before continuing to the Ashanti Region for phase two of his campaign in that region.

Why vote in 2024 – The former president is campaigning on the theme, ‘Building the Ghana we want Together’, assuring the rank and file of the NDC that the campaign for victory,2024 will be anchored around the party’s branches and wards.

“I will do all I can, as I have always done, to provide the necessary campaign logistics and it will be your duty and responsibility as branch executives to work hard and mobilise all the votes in your electoral areas for a decisive win in December 2024”, Mr. Mahama has stated. 2024 Presidential Election Predictions



Calls for Free & fair Elections in Ghana – The John Mahama Campaign extends its appreciation to all Branch, Constituency, Regional and National Executives of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for the support, encouragement, and overwhelming endorsement of HE John Dramani Mahama during his 16-region, 276 constituency tour.

Which president best manage Ghana economy – President Mahama is personally grateful for the outpouring of love, both for him personally and the great NDC, and the commitment demonstrated towards working hard for victory in 2024.

As the party heads to the polls on Saturday for the presidential and parliamentary primaries, the John Mahama Campaign wishes to inform all of Mr. Mahama’s decision to support delegates with some T&T to enable them travel to the voting centres.

 “We are supporting each delegate with GH¢40 as T&T for the May 13 primaries” Campaign Manager Professor Joshua Alabi stated.  Most peaceful president of Ghana

He explained that the Campaign’s support is not a replacement but intended to augment what the party is providing to all constituencies.

Next president of Ghana “There must be no discrimination in the disbursement of the GH¢40 per delegate T&T money,” Professor Alabi added.

John Dramani Mahama is a truly transformational leader. Under his Presidency, Ghana witnessed fundamental changes and became an inspiration for Africa and the world. Who will rule Ghana politics & Which party will win the 2024 Election – Talk to JM



Good afternoon Ladies and gentlemen.

Who is the 2024 president of Ghana Let me begin by thanking Mr. Seth Terkper for his delivery, which has brought home a number of key issues surrounding our recent economic trajectory. I do not intend to belabour the points he has made, except to reinforce of few of them.

I am a historian at heart, so I like to look at these things from a historical perspective in order to give context to what we are witnessing today. When are the presidential elections?

Much has been made of the impact of COVID-19 on the Ghanaian economy. The truth, however, is that our economic history has over the last few decades been characterized by booms and bursts, dictated by both domestic and external factors.

Who is the new president of Ghana – Since the days of President Jerry John Rawlings and even before then, these shocks have cyclically derailed incremental progress made over the years. The older generation would recall how bush fires and droughts in the early 80s plunged the Ghanaian economy into crisis, leading to lengthy periods of negative growth and very high inflation.

By dint of hard work and skillful management, the PNDC government managed to salvage the economy and brought back sustained positive economic growth until this was again undermined by falling commodity prices which led to dwindling export revenues in the late 90s. About 2024 election in Ghana

Who best leader of Ghana in 2024 – By dint of hard work and skillful management, the PNDC government managed to salvage the economy and brought back sustained positive economic growth until this…


PRESIDENT OF GHANA – Who to vote for in 2024

Who will be declared president in 2024 – In July 2012, he succeeded his boss who passed away on July 24, 2012 and elected in December 2012 as President of Ghana for his first four-year term. He thus made political history by becoming the first Ghanaian head of state to have been born after Ghana’s declaration of independence on 6th March, 1957.

While serving as Minister for Communications, John Mahama was also the Chairman of the National Communications Authority, and played a key role in the stabilization and transformation of Ghana’s telecom sector. Which party will win 2024 election

Who will win the 2024 election in Ghana During his Presidency, Ghana witnessed important transformations, the most important of which was the building of a more vibrant democracy. In 2012, Ghana’s score in the Democracy Index was 6.02, being ranked 78th in the world. In 2016, when he left office, Ghana’s score was 6.75, placing it as 54th in the world – and making it the 5th most democratic country in Africa. During his entire life and throughout his political career, John Mahama has been a champion of the underprivileged, a unifier, moving above tribal politics; a strong supporter of public education for all; and a visionary, seeking totransform Ghana in fundamental ways. Who will rule Ghana politics in 2024, which president is not corrupt in Ghana

About the 2024 election in Ghana- General elections will be held in Ghana on 7 December 2024 to elect the president and members of Parliament. Who to Vote for in 2024 and Who is best leader 2024, visit for more info


More Information – https://www.johnmahama.org/


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