Han Junhao closed his eyes, did not want to let the emotions in his heart leak more, slightly cold lips printed on the soft and warm red lips, in the heart kept shouting, sorry, baby, sorry. —————————————————————— Mingjian Villa is located on Mingju Mountain outside the imperial capital. Although there is no natural barrier and majestic momentum on this mountain, the scenery is pleasant and it is a holy place for sightseeing. Today’s Mingjian Villa is crowded with people, and the hustle and bustle crowd swarmed into the villa. Those who can be invited are all people with certain status, prestige and achievements in Jianghu. Therefore, all Jianghu people who have invitations are proud of this. Ling Lan and others entered Mingjian Villa with Xuanyuan Botao, and were brought in by people with background. Not only were they treated better than others, but they were treated with courtesy everywhere. Even if they didn’t know you, they were still respectful to you. The leader of the Xuanyuan Alliance is here. If you lose the distant welcome, if you lose the distant welcome, I hope the old leader of the alliance will forgive you. The voice was strong and deep. Xuanyuan Botao folded his fists. “Lord Nangong is a landlord today. He is busy with his affairs. And does brother Nangong still need to be so polite to the old man?” Ling Lan glanced up and found that Nangong Jue was as described in the martial arts novel, with tiger back and bear waist, thick eyebrows like ink, eyes like cold stars galloping, ambitious. Nangongjue and Xuanyuan Botao exchanged greetings for a while, and when he saw Han Junhao walking behind him,plastic pallet manufacturer, he looked stunned, but as fast as lightning, he immediately returned to normal. “Who are these two?” Xuanyuan Botao respectfully introduced to Nangongjue, “These two are old guests.”. This is Mr. Han. Han Junhao raised a smile at the corners of his mouth and folded his fists. “I’ve heard of the name of Nangong Zhuangzhu for a long time. I’m lucky to see him today.” Nangongjue folded his fists in return. “Childe Han has praised me. It’s just that my friends in Jianghu look up to me. It’s just a false reputation. It’s not worth mentioning.” Xuanyuan Botao smiled at Ling Lan, “this is Mr. Lan.” Ling Lan clasped her fists and kept silent. Xuanyuan Botao said on her behalf, “This Lan Childe has contracted a strange disease since he was a child. He can’t speak. This child is very interested in things in Jianghu. He came here specially to watch the ceremony today.” Nangongjue looked at Ling Lan handsome and extraordinary appearance, unexpectedly unconsciously remembered the cold biting pain,plastic pallet supplier, can not help but body slightly tremble, “Oh.” “Well, since you two are the guests of the old leader of the alliance, then I am the guest of Nangongjue. This way, please.” Ling Lan and Han Junhao were arranged on the rostrum nearest to the arena, on the left hand side of Xuanyuan Botao. This seat made many people talk about it. What kind of person can be the chairman? Look at their ostentatious four followers, is absolutely a master, even Xuanyuan Jing are among them. In fact, Xuanyuan Jing did not want to follow behind, but someone did not let her close to Ling Lan, as long as she moved to pull her, but also looked at her affectionately, so that she was embarrassed. Although the man is not as good as Lan Childe, but the long is not bad, especially the eyes are very charming, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic trash bins, Xuanyuan Jing thought about it and blushed. But extinguishes in the side straight rolls the eyes, now finally knew why Lan eldest brother said that she is the first is in the estrus period she-wolf. Han Junhao whispered to Ling Lan, “Lan, do you feel it?” Ling Lan nodded and wrote on his hand, “Well, and there are a lot of people. It seems that we are very valued by Nangongjue.” But this old man is really stupid, if you want to do something here, but also with such a fair and aboveboard with Xuanyuan Bo Tao to come in, let them to monitor it? What needs to be done is already done secretly in another place. What’s the use of spying on them here. Nangong old man, you just wait to take it. With the sound of gongs and drums, everyone took their seats. There were no empty seats. The martial arts conference was about to begin. The forty-second chapter is the same as finding fault at the end of the world. Xuanyuan Botao jumped into the ring and folded his fists. “Heroes and heroines, you are anxious for a while today. It’s really for two things.”. First, the old man is too old to hold the important post of the leader of the alliance any more. Therefore, he borrows the treasure land of Nangong Villa Leader to put down the arena and discuss heroes with martial arts. The winner will hold the post of the leader of the alliance. There was a response from the audience, “Good.” “Fair.” “Who else besides Nangong Villa Leader has the best martial arts in the world?” “Yes, it must be Lord Nangong.”. ”…… With a modest smile on his face, Nangongjue folded his fists and prevaricated. Ling Lan in the heart cold way, did not expect this Nangong old man’s popularity is quite high. As soon as Xuanyuan Botao stretched out his hand, he immediately quieted down. The expression on his face was very serious. “These two matters are of great importance. Let Nangong Zhuangzhu tell you clearly.” Nangongjue came to the stage with folded fists and a slight bow. “Heroes and heroines, I, Nangongjue, got two pieces of news not long ago, which made me worry about Mao. Jianghu, which has been peaceful for several years, is going to be bloody again. Evil spirits and evil ways are beginning to stir up again.” As soon as this remark was made, there was an uproar. Han Junhao patted Ling Lan’s little hand. Ling Lan wrote on his hand that, as expected, this grand meeting was not only his inauguration ceremony, but also his mobilization meeting. Nangongjue raised his hand and then said, “As we all know, the evil way has always been led by the anode religion and the Tianmo Palace, and the rest are not climate.”. This day, although the Demon Palace has never had a conflict with me and other decent people, the way it operates is extremely improper. Some time ago, it was officially named Suo Hun Tang, and its talons began to extend outward. The four killers of Yan, Mie, Jue and Sha are becoming more and more rampant in Jianghu. If we don’t stop this momentum, the consequences will be unimaginable. The audience began to whisper again, “Yes, yes.” “I heard that the four killers are worth twice as much now.” “Yes, it’s too rampant.” “And if you have money, you may not be able to get it.” …… Ling Lan does not take it seriously, the heart is also a burst of dark cool, it seems that many people have been killed by Suo Hun Tang, ha ha ha. “And the most worrying thing is the anode religion. Although the anode religion was badly weakened after the First World War with my righteous army eight years ago,wholesale plastic pallet, according to reliable sources, the anode religion has revived. The new leader of the anode church is actually a member of the Zheng clan. What does this really mean?”? It means that the Lost Heavenly Book of the Zheng clan is very likely to be owned by the anode religion. All of a sudden, there was an explosion under the ring. cnplasticpallet.com